Mr. Love – Oh Man River


Singer — Andy Blues
Detektiv — Mr. Love
Den Franske Barbie Doll — Playing herself
Tekst — Doggie Aim 1
Overskrift — Aim 1
Tegning — Doggie
Klip — Aim 1 and Doggie
Idé — Alverdens Comics

sketch by DoggieDoe
The Dark Roses

Nordvest, Copenhagen,
Denmark 1988

Last updated 20. April 2021

Four Generations

Du fødes eksistensen er din.
Livets lys og farver rumsterer og glædeligt fylder dit sind...

Du lever men komplekserne stiger.
Narret og dog tilfreds alligevel du ikke viger...

Du eksisterer men trætheden nager...
Tingene sættes på hylder og intet der mere din sjæl plager...

Du stranguleres men lyset findes...
Søger i håb om at vinde... Dog kan livet ikke tvinges...

— Lyric by Ib Bukrinsky

Greenpeace 1985 “dumping voices”

Greenpeace was made in Glostrup, Denmark on 13. July 1985.

3 days after the sinking of Rainbow Warrior in the port of Auckland, New Zealand, to prevent her from interfering in a nuclear test in Moruroa.

It later became known that the French foreign intelligence services 'Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure' (DGSE), stood behind the terrorist act, and murder of the Portuguese-Dutch photographer, Fernando Pereira.
He drowned when the second mine was detonated while he was below decks to fetch his camera equipment.

Twenty years after the incident, a report by the then head of French intelligence said that the attack was authorized by French President François Mitterrand.


by Caze D, DoggieDoe, Jeen, Ruiz and Seeny
The Dark Roses

Denmark 13. July 1985

Last updated 20. April 2021

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