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This page is under construction; therefore we’re apologizing if you find any inaccurate links or information referring to no-mans-land and/or something which make no sense at all.

But what you won’t find for sure in our succeeding web site:
thedarkroses.com no longer supports any of our content to be shared on any other platform than controlled 99.9% by us.

thedarkroses.com and its content are made by deep passion and NOT-4-PROFIT in mind. It is definitely not made for big corporations harvesting data and/or 3’rd parts business, which business case are to milking other people’s effort and to contribute to local tax and necessary infrastructure by very little or most likely by nothing.


If you like to share any content from thedarkroses.com, please link to one of our pages instead.

We like to share our many years of passion with you, but not with the million dollar industry.

We make the high resolution images, audio and video clips available for private users to download to their own machines for personal examination (in conjunction of our artwork), we do so in good faith, please don’t abuse it. For further information please read our legal terms and conditions.

In doubt of our legal terms or if you plan to use any material or substance from thedarkroses.com please contact our copyright agent by e-mail.

When our succeeding web site is tested, and our old one from 2009 may rest in our archive - then it will be 100% free of cookie- and tracking-tools.

Which means we DO NOT collect, sell or share any data of you, you may leave by visiting our web site. You’re NOT our product, and we do not use as an excuse to spy on you and your internet behavior by using cookies, FLoC, Spy-Pixels or API’s to make our website a better experience to you or our visitors - that’s total nonsense - and belonging to web sites with no respect for other people’s privacy.

thedarkroses.com will not have any share-, login- or what-so-ever buttons by any “social” platforms provided by Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Flickr, Google Photo - YouTube - Alphabet, Instagram, Microsoft, Pinterest, Reddit, Tik Tok, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Whatsapp, Yandex, etc. Not to forget those Governments with their activities of selfishness concern for their own welfare and a disregard of their country, its citizen and all other living they represent, with no shame and humility.

If you do not know already, their business is to harvest, analyze, manipulate, sell or share data from our WorldWildWeb, or to promote themselves of their supremacy unregulated as long as everyone and particularly our lawmakers are sitting on their hands, and behave like babies breastfeeding selfsame technology.

Create a free Internet and encourage a life of equal opportunities - an internet of answerable information, a tool, not an administrative saver, a hybrid, secure and privacy by design.

Keep in mind it all begins with YOU... YOUR VOICE.

Be aware any data on the Internet is an open book and nothing can be kept safe and for your eyes only.

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